Private Motor Insurance

With more than 45000 automobile crashes occurring in NSW each year, top-quality auto insurance is a vital way to protect you and your family. No matter where you're going or what you're driving, we'll make sure you have the right coverage to protect what matters to you most. At present the following coverage’s available:

Comprehensive Insurance Third Party Property Damage Third Party Property Damage with Fire and Theft Own Damage

Motor Insurance Cover Options - You have a range of cover options, depending on your own circumstances and those of others likely to drive your car.

Comprehensive - This policy provides complete cover, regardless of the number of licensed drivers using the vehicle. It protects you against theft, fire and damage to your car, as well as damage you may cause to another person's car or property.

Preferred Driver -If you're a more experienced driver over the age of 24, and others under 24 won't be driving the car, you can take out a full comprehensive policy at a discounted price.

Nominated Driver - If there will only be two drivers over the age of 21 this policy offers comprehensive cover at a good value price.

Legal Liability (Third Party Property Damage) -This provides cover for damage you may cause to another person's car or property, but does not cover your own car. A special Uninsured Driver Protection Cover can be included under this policy.

Legal Liability plus Fire & Theft - This is an extension of the Legal Liability Policy, which provides cover if your car is stolen or in a fire.


* Selecting the pay by the month option involves entering into a financing arrangement with Easy Greenslips whereby an interest charge will be payable in addition to the CTP premium.

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