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  • Why choose Easy Green Slips for your NSW CTP Green Slips?
    There are various reasons for selecting Easy Greenslips:
  • Our policy provides up to $250,000 At Fault Driver Protection at no extra cost
  • eGreen payment facility enabling you to register your vehicle on-line at the RTA within minutes
  • Competitive rates for drivers over the age of 30

What is At Fault Driver Protection insurance?

In New South Wales, the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme covers the medical care costs for those who suffer certain catastrophic injuries such as severe brain or spinal damage as a result of a motor vehicle accident regardless as to whether they were at fault. Aside from this, however, the law only allows the driver at fault in an accident to claim up to $5,000 in lost earnings and medical expenses for injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident. When you purchase your Allianz CTP Green Slip, however, you may be entitled to receive a bonus At Fault Driver Protection policy. Where applicable, this additional policy is included at no extra cost and provides up to $250,000 of cover for certain serious injuries you may sustain if you are the at fault driver in an accident. These benefits are payable on top of anything that may be able to be claimed under the Lifetime Care and Support Scheme.

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