It’s amazing how connected Easy Green Slip makes us consumers feel with the underwriters. I expect that my insurance broker to guide me to reach the appropriate coverage and levels. Easy Green Slip has exceeded my expectations. They are professional, knowledgeable, thorough and timely.

Diana G


I have very complex and difficult personal insurance needs, but the simplicity and straight communication with Easy Green Slip made my life a lot easier. That’s why I am so pleased with Easy Green Slip.

Boris D


I was impressed with the process has been established for reviewing our claims. In particular, I was impressed with customer service, it is clear everyone is an advocate for his/her clients.

Mark B


I should also like to say how much I appreciated your prompt telephone and email responses, and how easily and quickly you sorted out our problems. Needless to say I shall be recommending your services to anyone who ask me about greenslips. I really appreciate your help.

Kate B


I just wanted to send a note to say that I am continually impressed by the excellent service that Easy Green Slips provides. The few times I have requested support from Easy Green Slips, it has been fast and efficient. It makes a pleasant change to deal with a company that takes pride providing excellent service. I have no problems at all recommending your company. Keep up the good work and thanks for all your help so far.

Peter J


Many, many thanks for your fast and efficient service. Not only did you provide me with confidence in choosing the cheaper CTP Green Slip but also guided me through all the small details with car insurance. We all know insurance is very complex, you are able to pin point to the finest details which really made my life a lot easier.

Nicole P


Unfortunately this year I had my first car accident. I’d heard of my friends having to pay thousands when they were the one who caused the accident and I was dreading paying extra bills on top of those I already struggle with. Thankfully I was covered by taking out my CTP insurance with Easy Green Slips, even though I was the driver at fault! The woman I spoke to on the phone was friendly and comforting as I was so stressed out and I couldn’t have asked for better service. I will be telling all of my friends to make the switch, why wouldn’t you if you can save money?

Simon F


When I first chose to use Easy Green Slips insurance I was impressed with how easy it was to get a quote for my green slip. Once I had made the payment, the RMS had it that day. As a business owner, I was happy to find out I could take out both my business and personal CTP insurance from the same company!

Michael N


A parent’s worst nightmare is seeing their child injured. I was in a severe accident where my 4 year old daughter had her collarbone broken as well as a number of other fractures. As a single mum, I was worried I couldn’t afford the best care for her. Thankfully I was covered for all of her medical expenses, including her rehab costs after she left the hospital. I am very thankful for the service and support of the friendly consultants who I spoke to when making the claim. I felt that they generally cared about my situation and gave me the best possible help. I would hate to think what the process would have been like should I have taken out my greenslip with another provider. Thank you.

Ronelle W


I’m a shift worker and it is really hard for me to contact businesses as I’m not available during business hours. I was glad to see Easy Green Slip’s greenslips calculator was online and I could complete the process over the internet at a time that worked for me. This service was definitely one of the reasons why I chose to get my CTP insurance from Easy Green Slips but the savings and benefits were what sold me completely. I will definitely recommend Easy Green Slips to my friends and family.

James B


I am really impressed with how easy the claims process is. My husband and I were in an accident which involved a tow away vehicle. Once the accident was reported we had no troubles. I was amazed when within a week, everything was sorted – no prolonged worrying! I will happily renew my full comprehensive insurance with Easy Green Slip time and time again.

Samantha K


Thank you easygreenslip for saving me money this year for my tow truck. I got a renewal from my previous insurer and it was much more expensive than what I paid with you. The price went up dramatic since last year, so I switched.

Thank you From Amy.


Thank you easygreenslip, you help me save $200 this year on my greenslip. I can’t believe my current insurer wanted to charge me more than last year.



I used the easy greenslip website to get a quote for my ute and in 1 minute I manage to save $150. It really does help to shop around.



Pay by the month is really handy. I own a 20 tonne truck and the greenslip price is $4000 plus. Paying $4000 plus in one go really destroys my cash flow for my business. Thank you for offering pay by the month option, It really helped me to manage my cash flow and ease the pain of greenslip prices.



I'm on a pension and pay by the month option really helps me manage my weekly budget. I can’t afford to pay $630 in one go, it really stuffs up my budget for the week. Now I only pay $56.18 once a month, which is much more manageable.

Sarah Brown


We have two cars, a mortgage, 2 kids and bills. This makes it really difficult sometimes to manage the weekly budget. Last year we paid $542 for our 2011 Toyota Camry and $542 for our 2011 Mazda 3, that’s a total of $1084. With pay by the month it really helped us spread the cost of the greenslip, making our weekly budget easier to manage. Thank you for offering this.

The Henderson’s.


I really hate paying $764 for my CTP greenslip, that’s a lot of money to pay at once. Thank you for offering pay by the month. Now I only pay $68.13 a months, which is much better.



Prompt and easy to use online calculator. I've compared Easygreenslips prices with what I've paid last year and was pleasantly surprised - with easygreenslips.com.au I saved more than $100! No doubt I'll recommend this service for everyone.

Ron Perkins


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